Marketing Using Trailers

When selling a second hand trailer in the UK, you need a well thought-out plan designed to reach as many consumers as possible. This is in addition to reaching the target audience instead of bombarding all consumers with trailer ads. Here are some effective ways to promote second hand trailer's.

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National Trailer Towing Association

The National Trailer Towing Association (NTTA) is an organization that was founded in 1975 to promote responsible use of trailers, increase trailer use nationally, represent trailer manufacturers, and improve the driving skills of trailer owners among other purposes. More importantly, the NTTA promotes diverse commercial activities related to trailers including sales of used trailers. In addition, the NTTA maintains a publicly accessible database with comprehensive details of businesses that deal with new and used trailers. If you are an NTTA member, you can use these resources to promote a second hand trailer to potential buyers.

Online Listings

You could also promote second hand trailer's via listings on sites that support auto sales. These include eBay, AutoTrader, and Gumtree. It is also worth noting that some trailer manufacturers such as IWT maintain sites where owners of used trailers can list them for sale. Forums dedicated to trailers could also yield useful leads.Listings on well-known and reputable sites will enable you to reach a wider audience. In fact, doing so will enable you to reach more potential buyers than you would by forgoing online listings.

Social Media

Another viable option is using social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to reach the millions of consumers in the UK who visit these sites every day. In this case, it is wise to create a product page or account for the trailer you are selling. Make sure you provide details like trailer manufacturerbrand, price, year of manufacture, condition, axle specifications, and size. You should also provide trailer pictures and contact information that interested buyers can use. However, take note product marketing policies vary from one site to the next meaning it is wise to review them carefully.

Friends and Acquaintances

Ask friends and acquaintances to help you find a used trailer buyer. Remember, word of mouth advertising is a powerful tool that can be more effective than email, print media, or electronic media in finding buyers of used trailers.

Print Media

Besides promoting a used trailer online, consider placing an ad on local and national print media such as newspapers and magazines. This is important because 42 million people or a third of the UK population read a print newspaper at least once a week according to data from The Publishers Association. Unlike web-based ads, printed ads remain in front of consumer eyeballs much longer than electronic ads due to the nature of printed information. This translates to higher likelihood of reaching interested buyers.


To sell a used trailer in the UK, one must have a solid plan to promote it to the right audience. Some of the channels you can use to achieve this goal include social media, the NTTA, print media, online listings, as well as friends and acquaintances. What's more, you can use one or multiple channels to promote a used trailer for sale.